Wednesday, June 10, 2009


so ryan is doing a lot better than they thought. they say that hes lucky for not getting it as bad as others have which is another good thing. the surgery was moved to today for some reason and its pretty much an all day surgery because of all the bones and especially the ribs. this is actually great news because it means that he'll come back home tomorrow! probably. thats what im guessing and it seems logical. after a surgery they usually keep you for that day and then youll have to be in a bunch of casts and everything but the only reason why he shouldnt return is because of the ribs. im not sure if they keep you extra for that. if not then everything will b much ahead of schedule abd he could b posting by the weekend. fingers crossed. this is a huge relief for everyone. especially me and drake cuz we've been with him pretty much everyday so far. (damn. reading his blog showed me a lot about him... and drake. didnt know all that went down) i went in today again but it was during the surgery so i didnt get to see anything. house and e.r. have nothing on a real life hospital experience. it was so gloomy in there and had this weird feeling to it. its a really good hospital though which is a good thing. its in the city so yea. 

i also just want to thank everyone that has sent out emails or comments to ryan. this means a lot to me and im sure it does to him too. i had no idea how supportive this 'world' is and its very reassuring. i might just decide to start my own blog as well. im not this boring when i write or type something. im actualy the class clown but certain times call for a change of character. ill do it if ryan polls through fully though. thanks again guys. 


Monday, June 8, 2009

Update on RJ

ok so the reason for this blog is to update all the ppl on RJs (chips-n-fiascos) blog that followd him. i am his best friend, Cole. or alteast he is my best friend. he was always so nice and kind and funny ever since he moved here. we became good friends quickly and never stopped. to u guys hes known as RJ but to me hes known as Ryan. and yes he hasnt posted in a while now. and this is the reason why. 

Ryan was hit by a car last thursday at around 8:15 when he was coming back home from my house. we were finishing up a project for english and he got the courage to tell me he was bi. i will always remember how brave and loving he is. it was upstairs in my room and he asked me how i felt about barack obama supporting gays and everything and i  said it was cool and so then he eventually eased into telling me that he liked guys. i was of course fine with it because i have been confused about a lot of things lately too. he was already my best friend so nothing could stop it. i really am proud and honored that he came out to me. i gave him a big hug and then he started talking about all the things in his life. i knew about most of it but i didnt know about the blog or about nick - yes i know about u nick -  and he just kinda retold me everything that was going on so it was just nice to know he trusts me and then i told him how i was really confused about my sexuality for the past couple of years. ive been going on n off on thinking out boys and wat not. so Ryan had to leave to go home because it was slowly getting dark and we had finished the project. im not sure how the rest of the story goes but all i know it that 45 mins later my phone rings and my mom picks it up. she comes up into my room and tells me that Ryan was hit by a car nd i really dont belive her. she gives me a hug but i thnk i was just in shok of it all. i am stil in shock. my best friend of all time had been hit by a car. hes not dead thank god but is in critical condition. he broke several bones and his rib cage collapsed. its taken me so much time to type this because of all the tears. its taken me about a week to write this but im glad i have now. you guys need to know. that nite he talked nonstop about aj, josh, and nick. even if he hasnt talked to you all that much you guys were his inspiration. i love Ryan with all my heart and will never forget him. please keep him in your prayer please. if you have any further questions or comments or anything contact me at