Wednesday, June 10, 2009


so ryan is doing a lot better than they thought. they say that hes lucky for not getting it as bad as others have which is another good thing. the surgery was moved to today for some reason and its pretty much an all day surgery because of all the bones and especially the ribs. this is actually great news because it means that he'll come back home tomorrow! probably. thats what im guessing and it seems logical. after a surgery they usually keep you for that day and then youll have to be in a bunch of casts and everything but the only reason why he shouldnt return is because of the ribs. im not sure if they keep you extra for that. if not then everything will b much ahead of schedule abd he could b posting by the weekend. fingers crossed. this is a huge relief for everyone. especially me and drake cuz we've been with him pretty much everyday so far. (damn. reading his blog showed me a lot about him... and drake. didnt know all that went down) i went in today again but it was during the surgery so i didnt get to see anything. house and e.r. have nothing on a real life hospital experience. it was so gloomy in there and had this weird feeling to it. its a really good hospital though which is a good thing. its in the city so yea. 

i also just want to thank everyone that has sent out emails or comments to ryan. this means a lot to me and im sure it does to him too. i had no idea how supportive this 'world' is and its very reassuring. i might just decide to start my own blog as well. im not this boring when i write or type something. im actualy the class clown but certain times call for a change of character. ill do it if ryan polls through fully though. thanks again guys. 



  1. That's good news. It'll come as a relief to many...

    And you're welcome.

  2. wow dude that's really good to here, you seem like a nice friend, u both are lucky to have each other. there's always room here in the blog world for cool people like u :) Thanks for the update.

  3. Really pased mate, u seem like an ace friend, think u will have a load of followers if u start bloggin properly.hinkin of u all

  4. So far so good - let's hope it goes as well as we all want it to.

    Thanks for looking after us (!) we do appreciate it. Give him our love, when you see him, won't you?

  5. I'm SO glad to hear that. Awesome news :)

    Thank you so much Cole for keeping us updated.

  6. thanks for the update Cole. i find it amazing that ppl would be allowed home so soon after what must be fairly extensive surgery.

    AJ is spot on saying that you guys are lucky to have each other. keep your spirits up, give our best wishes to RJ, and also to Drake :)


  7. Super news - you truly have been a great friend and are very lucky to have each other

  8. Thanks for the news. Glad it's so good. Ryan's lucky to have good friends like you and Drake.

  9. Cole,

    Thanks for the update. I'm praying that the surgery went OK!

    There is always room for one more blogger, pull up a ‘puter and have some fun!

    Share our love with RJ, his family and friends.

    May God bless!


  10. Thanks for posting updates. I read RJs update as well-- this is such a terrible thing, but its great that obviously he has some awesome friends. This little blog circle is pretty unqiue-- there are a lot of great people, and its a nice outlet for many.

    You should start a blog-- everyone has something to say.

    Much Love,

  11. Hope everything is going ok? Haven't heard in several days now...